-suddenly i feel everything

-normally everything seems plain and then all of a sudden everything becomes more vibrant and real

-i usually close my eyes and try to stay as three-dimensional as possible


meanwhile in the nice club

-it's up to you now


-imagine what life is like for two dimensional beings (it can get pretty dark)

-they're fine



-well, where were we?

-pop crimes

-time takes too much time


-it feels strange to stuck between time


-oh my


-c.i.l. (curves i like)


-missed you


-have you seen me?

-now you have


-you sleep nice

-sleep happens


-after life, do you have any plan?

-well well well

-i thougth, we have already been the after state

-hah, nothing to add

-oh no


(-i just notice things later or too soon)

-nowadays lines got flatter

-you mean you are flattered?

-i like your steps towards me


-in this case.. i mean this staircase










-the boundary between true and false.. i just don’t care about it.

-i believe what one says to me.

-because i know i am so close to the truth.

-and who is closer than me, you know?


-but here i am, hanging out


-so basically you couldn't get hurt anymore

-it would be the end of solid edges?

-hard edge too?

-oh you

-i take your words* and strip to nude

-wow, but where is flat_z?



-is this your body?

-no, no body

-i’m constantly wondering about how i perceive spaces around me. how i notice new things although i couldn’t process every changing detail in the moment.



-gneh, we can meditate on this

-(or mediate?)

many lines are inside..

..inside is now the outside

-yodo (you only die once)


-i often think about towels (at night)


-oh, bonjour

-i am here in different times? or just a shift in a mind?

-yesterday felt like i was fifty.

-i lied, it didn't. it was rather an ancient calm.


-so basically i try to be aware of my pattern.

-have you seen the big yellow lately?

-i like the other one better.

(-you are still transparent.)

(-i know, i am comfortable with it.)


*loading inner scene


-eh, let me just rest here, working on my posture

-sometimes i just wonder what if i am self destructive. like an autopilot mood.
-yes, like a self destructive pilot or an auto destructive pilot. both sound great enough. huh?

-i guess you are overflowin' now.

-also you are quite a flattie today..
-i like your angle a lot. made me felt soft things.


-hello? hello, hell-o





it started with a skin, floating around

the sphere, of course you have met before

s has forever changing attitudes of course

later you'll think something completely different about this (which still makes sense)

-hey feeels nice here

-if someone asks me

:flattened out:


(out of the box thinking)

-are we moving out?


-i'll be your mirror


-oh fuck me (pardon my french)

-fuck, oh me

-i forgot something really important, now i am just floating in space


-tsktsk tsk tsk tsktsk


-bonjuor, majesté


-damn it, i am in different structures now

zoom in

-you look weird
-shut up i am naked again
-so am i flat_z
-don't look at me for a while
-ahhh all right
-you need to accept that we are the same points and lines
-what's the difference (peepy)


-light me up dude
*time remapping*


-wait, what?

-mhm that flattie* is in a good shape today.
the zooh sees.

*: hot flat


-oh, am i late again?

-seriously, i am not seeding today




-what if there is a world outside of the box?

-you mean the whitespace world?

-what? that is not even a color

-you scientific blob thats not the point

flat_x whispers jerk

-did you wonder what’s this stairs for?

art series of / developed by annahooz